About Us

At NCA SPorts we provide news and updates of different games of sports, which includes majorly cricket, football, hockey, and wrestling. We’re the team of sports blogger who writes critics in different angles.

As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is approaching, our team of writers will bring updated content and articles for the cricket fans around the globe.

Moreover, it’s not finished yet, We also cover most of the sports played in Pakistan specifically which are hockey, football, kabaddi and etc.


We have a team of dedicated authors who contribute in different categories, plus an editor/moderator who is responsible for quality check and placements of editorials on the site. NCA Sports is expanding every day and we are looking for new ideas to engage the traffic in more suitable ways.

Social Media Profiles – Users can also engage with stories of NCA Sports at the different social media channels which are not limited to facebook, twitter, Instagram or subscribe to our youtube channel.

Official Forum & Message Board – We are looking forward to making a forum Sports forum on this site where users can register and engage with different sports events especially cricket events. It will be on the site very soon.